Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back Online

It feels so good to be back online! I have felt so disconnected (ha!) not having Internet or cable or a working phone!! For anyone who has tried to call us you know that we have had to stand in the backyard with one foot up to hear you. Justin thinks it is because we live in a forest...

There is so much going on, but then again, not really probably any different from any other day. Audrey went to her Open House today and met her Kindergarten teacher. She was shy for, oh, about 1 minute. By the time we left she was holding hands with a new friend and they were singing Hannah Montana songs at the top of their lungs. (If it could only be that easy for adults??)

An added bonus - We found out that she will be riding the bus home from school, which is very exciting!! Carissa and I will have to put "sitting on the street corner" on our agenda everyday to wait for the bus. Augee ride bus? - I go too MOMMA!!

So yes, we made it and we are loving it. Yes, it does rain here. Yes it is slightly chillier here. Justin refuses to turn on the heater even though our thermometer reads 63 degrees. He says our blood needs to thicken. Quite a jump from the 106 we left-but I think I am the only one freezing.

We will post more pictures soon - Have a great Labor Day Weekend.
All our Love~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 More Days

The official countdown has begun. The moving truck will be here tomorrow and hopefully head North with all our belongings - YIKES!

The girls are doing great and have proven to me that toys are not really all that important. They have been surviving for days with a few barbies, crayons, and some empty boxes.

We will be leaving Friday afternoon for 3 fun filled days in the car. Our plan is to take I-10 to LA then I-5 for only 1,099 miles through CA, OR, straight into Seattle. We will have our cell phones but our home phone will not be connected until Thrusday.

This move has been something Justin and I have talked about forever and we are really so excited. I hope to be able to keep this blog updated with all of our new experiences. So come back and read often :)
All our love ~
Backyard of new house
Front Room
Front Yard