Thursday, January 28, 2010

100th POST!!

Today it is official. I have subjected the World Wide Web with exactly 100 blog postings! Not sure if I can claim it was totally for posterity because sometimes I think it treads the line of down right therapy. I enjoy it though. It makes me feel connected to something. Proof of my life. Plus, it is the one thing I kept up with consistently in the last 2 years. (Haven't even done that with flossing...)

Confession: Not only do I like writing my blog to everyone but to no one in particular, I could spend hours reading total strangers blog posts too. Mostly crafty ladies like myself with crazy kids running insane in the background. From these late night readings I come across great moms with awesome ideas that I absorb like a sponge. Here is the latest I took from Amy at The Idea Room.

I wish I could prove to you how easy this was too make. You will have to take my word for it.

They would craft all day if they could. I told them we could go ride bikes. I would take them to the park. "CRAFTS", they said. I couldn't argue...

In honor of my 100th post I will make a table runner for one lucky, randomly picked person who comments on this post from now until February 5th. I am doing this for two reasons:

1 - I like getting free things so I know you do too...

2- I am completely nosy about who is reading about my crazy life.

The table runner you might win will be similar to the size of this runner that I made for my future kitchen table. The one I will have in my future house. That you may one day be invited to see... in the future.
In all seriousness - thanks for following along. I like you here :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

To Bear or not to Bear?

"Waiting on God requires the willingness to bear uncertainty, to carry within myself the unanswered question, lifting my heart to God whenever it intrudes upon my thoughts." -Elisabeth Elliot

For the most part I feel like I willingly bear a lot of things. The high-pitched screams of little girls, getting up right after I sit down - because someone needs something, the drive to Audrey's school, the lack of sleep I feel I have all the time, my cooking... I could go on - but I won't.
The things I bear you could expect - practically predict. I am not a person who carries around unanswered questions. I google things and viola ~ my mind is set free. But of late, I have unanswered questions and I know it is not google who will ultimatly lead me to my answer.
So I plan on doing a lot of heavy lifting to God. I plan on showing a lot more willingness. I plan on bearing one more thing... uncertainty.
And my itsy, bitsy, teeny-tiny prayer is that maybe he won't make me WAIT so long!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well I can not quite say this month has been an easy one so far but there have been some nice moments. We are full in the realization that where we are living now is where we will be at least until the end of the school year. Good to know - so we know... but bad to know because it means slow progress to the next stop. The stop that I just can not wait for...

In these nice January moments I have been able to slip away and do a little quilting. Here is a top I made based on this post at the Moda Bake Shop. I will never, ever be able to quilt it like she has but it will fun to finish.

I took this shot of the girls playing "school". Carissa gets in trouble a lot by her "teacher" who can sometimes be rather controlling. I wonder what the other students are thinking??

And to ease my Mother's Guilt I have finally enrolled Carissa in dance. The experience (need I even mention it?) is far different from that of my first child. There are no tears, no anxiety over the outfit, or sadness of seperation - just a simple, see ya later mom...

My list is long of things to do, to make, to read, to accomplish. I will continue to share.
In the meantime, I just finished "The Hunger Games" and "Catching Fire" by Susanne Collins. Great reads - give 'em a go :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Quest for a Cactus

Thanks to Audrey's WA first grade teacher we have been on a quest to find something fun and Arizona-ish to send back to her old school. I read in the paper that we live really close to the 4th largest cactus in Arizona. So I bribed my family to hike with me at Estrella Mountain Park and take a picture in front of it with the hopes we could send them a picture of the cactus and a cactus plant.

This shot was taken using my camera timer. We had stopped for some snacks under a shady mesquite tree.
We saw plenty of cacti... big and small (or big ones and baby ones...). We imagined how you would actually get to the water hidden in those arms. We liked these ones because the girls thought they looked like a little family.
I would follow them anywhere...
Although we did not see the 4th largest cactus due to the fact that is was a 4 mile hike. We did see this cactus. Which we thought was pretty impressive.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Zero One Zero

"Now we can write Two Zero One Zero Mom!"

If, years ago, you would have told me that I would have a daughter (let alone TWO daughters) in the year 2010 I wouldn't have believed you. Remember when 2000 seemed unreal?? Wasn't that just yesturday?

I am a goal-setter, as you might know. I think to rethink, revamp, and re-do all the time. Sometimes to improve things and other times just to mix things up. But, in our current situation, there is really nothing tangible (besides myself - and we won't go there) that I can re-do. So I am taking this year's resolutions to matters of the heart. I am resolving to be more giving, to show more love, to think less about me and more about others.

I want to go out of my way to give too. You know the kind were it feels a little uncomfortable at first but then you realize it was worth it.

I want to sign up for something without being asked. Put it on my calendar - make time. I am challenging myself to one thing a month.

I want to use my time the right way before all my time uses me.

Because I am already 32
Because life is going way too fast
Because sometimes I watch it fly by with out joining in
Because I only get one chance.