Monday, January 11, 2010

Quest for a Cactus

Thanks to Audrey's WA first grade teacher we have been on a quest to find something fun and Arizona-ish to send back to her old school. I read in the paper that we live really close to the 4th largest cactus in Arizona. So I bribed my family to hike with me at Estrella Mountain Park and take a picture in front of it with the hopes we could send them a picture of the cactus and a cactus plant.

This shot was taken using my camera timer. We had stopped for some snacks under a shady mesquite tree.
We saw plenty of cacti... big and small (or big ones and baby ones...). We imagined how you would actually get to the water hidden in those arms. We liked these ones because the girls thought they looked like a little family.
I would follow them anywhere...
Although we did not see the 4th largest cactus due to the fact that is was a 4 mile hike. We did see this cactus. Which we thought was pretty impressive.

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lovemygirls said...

FYI you can tell AUdrey's Washington class that a Saguaro cactus must grow for at least 75 years before its first "arm" will grow. After the first arm sprouts there is no limit to when the next one will start, could be days or years in between.
Also, Walgreens used to sell Cactus kits years ago. I will keep my eyes open!