Friday, November 20, 2009

Comfortable Rhythm

It's Friday and I have been reflecting on our week all morning. Mostly because it was so smooth. It seems like we have finally reached a comfortable rhythm. Homework did not consume our evenings, the girls got along and Carissa is even doing that thing were she kinda does a run-skip instead of a walk.

There is so much uncertainty around our lives; where will we live? where will we work? where where will we go to church? My head starts to spin when I consider it all. I have no plan, no guide, no idea.
But I have a purpose and after thinking this week through I am sure that is what is holding us together. Helen Keller wrote that happiness comes from "fidelty to a worthy purpose". Fidelty meaning a truthful connection to a source. I know I have a truthful connection to a worthy purpose.
And I think we can all agree they are so beautiful :0)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunsets are grand

They really don't lie. The sunsets in Arizona are hard to beat. We took the girls out to the desert Friday night with our travel trailer. They collected quartz rocks and bullet shells (104 to be exact). Once again we were reminded that they are what is so dang important about our life. (The girls, not the bullet shells.)

If you are searching for contenment in your life just follow the example of a child. It doesn't matter where you are it only matters who is there with you. I mean if you can find joy in searching for bullet shells in the dirt with a headlight on then you can find joy anywhere!!

I am looking forward to November. Thanksgiving crafts and the cool breeze. Good thing because it is already a third of the way through. Nothing like trying to seize the moment after it's gone - yikes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eight Years of Us

Happy Anniversary to us. It has been eight years and it really does feel like yesturday we were dreaming up a life we wanted to create together. Now look at us... or just listen. It's the sound of a family - our family. It is full of smiles and laughter, of inside jokes. Secrets only you and I share. Whisperings that just you and I hear. Worries that bind us together and hope that keeps us going. It is Love and it is good...

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