Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pure Joy

I was a baby when I was baptized.  God and Jesus have been apart of my life for all of it.  Although I have been "saved" multiple times (most of which I would like to forget), I never had to ENTER into a personal relationship with God because, well, I just have always had one. 
So at least twice a year at our church we have the option to be baptized.  To seal our heart to Jesus, to commit in front of people your love for the Lord.  I love watching it and always feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly during these services.  But I personally have never felt fully compelled to jump in the water. 
This last Sunday my daughter was compelled.  When she told me she was going to do it I wanted to yell Now?  Why? I need you to list all your spiritual reasons!!  But something stirred inside me and I shut up.  I just let her go and I watched.  My heart was beating out of my chest and I was so incredibly nervous for her. 
She stepped into the water and they announced that this was Audrey. 
Then they asked her... what has Jesus done for you?
She answered, he gave me life.
 - Now that might just take the rest of my life time to sink in -
He did give her life.  It is hers to lead and I am so honored and blessed to be a part of it.  To help mold her and shape her into a beautiful Woman of God.

I know she has so much more to experience and so many trials to go through but my prayer is that she will always turn to the one who has given her life.