Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Horse Love

For Carissa's 7th Birthday she was given Cowgirl Boots and a promise of a horseback riding lesson.  We fulfilled that promise 10 days short of her 8th birthday - Whew - it was a close one!
Meet Trigger
Trigger is an American Quarter Horse (or so I am told) and was just about the most calm animal I have ever been around.  At the moment I took this picture it was just me and Trigger in the "dressage" area and I swear he was laughing at me.  I was!!!!

Carissa was not!  She was in heaven.  She brushed the horse and picked his hooves.  She learned how to put the saddle on and led him through the stable.  She rode him around the arena and dang if she didn't just look like she belong there!  I was so happy to be able to make her dream come true. 
She has two more group lessons and then who knows after that?  It is not like being on a soccer team or taking your child to piano lessons.  This is serious business (and crazy expensive).  I mentioned to one lady that I was a first-timer and she said "I can tell, you are wearing white". 
Lord - help me. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trip Back to Arizona

Over Spring Break I decided that the girls and I should take a trip back to Arizona.  We planned on going for a week with Justin meeting us in the middle of it and then cramming each moment with as many people as we could. 
Saying Good-bye to Mt. Rainer and hello to Las Vegas meant traveling in flip flops with the promise of 80 degree weather when we stepped off the plane.  We weren't disappointed!

It was so nice when we first landed.  It felt comfortable to be back in familiar territory.  Although the desert is not my "peaceful oasis" it does feel natural to me there.  I wonder if I will ever feel that way about Washington?

The girls crashed during our 2 hour car ride from Vegas to Lake Havasu and it was quite boring in the car.  How easy it was to travel with them!!

We spent the first part of our trip with my parents and Grandpa.  It was a great weekend of chatting and catching up.  My mom got tickets to the musical "Bye Bye Birdie" which the girls loved, and my Grandpa treated us to a yummy Itailan dinner one night. 
My daughters never miss a chance to get fancy!

The second half of the trip was spent visiting friends and catching up with cousins.   The girls are getting to the age were it might not matter how far away you move, true friends will always be there.  I loved that I was able to show them that. 

What's a trip without a healthy game of bowling? This might have been one of the best day's on the trip, if I was comparing...  It was so relaxing to just spend the afternoon with Uncle Matt, Aunt Suzanne, and Lola.  Again, it really doesn't make a difference how long it's been - family (and good friends) stay the same! 

 A little bonding time with the oldest cousin and the youngest cousin and all the crazies in-between.

 Landon loves his Uncle Justin and I hope  know he loves me too.  Even if he really didn't want anything to do with me..

So after a full week of family, friends, and sun we flew back home.  Justin and I held our breathe, wondering how the girls would react.  But we heard nothing.  No one said "I Miss...", "I wish...", "What if...".  They just continued on. 

For that I am so grateful.  I feel like it translates into - Hey Lady, you might have moved us (again!) away from everyone we knew, but we are OK.  We know you and Daddy love us, God loves us, and we are cool.  So let go of the guilt.  - and you know what?  I think I will.