Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Our Trip was spontaneous (of course!), with one day notice to hop in the car and drive to San Diego, but is was so worth it!!
We scored some free tickets to Legoland which we are so thankful for and the girls had a blast.

They took a driving test, flew a helicopter, steered a boat, and rode a horse.  All thoughts of them being to old for this stuff went right out the window.  They ate it up.

At one point I heard one of the girls say "Let's pretend we are Legos."
Hmm, not quite sure how that would play out...but OK.

 We tried to lock them up but that didn't last long.

They spotted this handsome devil and lost all sense of decency.

Oh - Daddy is in trouble!!

The rest of our trip was just spent relaxing and eating Yummy food.  I even had Lobster for the first time and LOVED IT.  Thank you Rocking Baja Lobster in Oceanside!
(See, Daddy is in trouble!)

There is nothing else like walking on the beach.  It is so relaxing. 
For the record this picture below is proof that I do listen (even if they say I don't!)

I am forever grateful for times like this.  When we are together and can just BE
We will be coming back soon to stand on the Moss covered rock at Shell Beach in La Jolla!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fresh Start

It is never to late for a Fresh Start - to start over - to begin New.  Every morning is a chance to try again and get it right and I am so grateful for it.
It is Spring around here for sure with one week to go until SPRING BREAK.  Yes, that means hotter weather but I am trying not to think about that!
I was inspired by the Monogrammed Moss Pallet Sign on The 36th Avenue Blog.  Instead of using an initial I cut a bunny out on my Silhouette and used that instead.  The sheet moss was from Michaels in the floral department.  Such an easy and cute project! 

 Now my entry way is so Fresh and Inviting!!
Makes me smile every time I pass by.
 This girl has been smiling a lot more too! 
 She got her braces off yesterday and I think she looks so beautiful!