Thursday, January 29, 2009

What to do, when your 2?

You would think I have loads of time on my hands but I always manage to be busy. For some reason this week I have been working loads of hours. Mostly due to 1099 and W-2 time and almost certainly to the demise of my 2 year old. I tried to make it up to her on Tuesday. We dropped Sis off at school and headed for library story time. There were songs and books and lots of squirmy kids but she enjoyed it. She especially loved the fact that she now had something to tell Daddy about her day.

How do I make the day of a 2 year old exciting? Her and I are at the mercy of the days events and they usually revolve around Sister going to school, Sister coming home, grocery store, post office, Daddy coming home, eating and personal hygiene. It is all really uneventful. Her life is following us around in our lives. That can not be good, could it? A day full of go-here, go-there, do this and stop that, put this on and put that away.

"I no baby anymore Momma" she tells me - your right, love. Your right...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cozy Pants

I could spend an eternity skimming craft blogs and dreaming of all the things I want to be making but never do. Yesterday I came across this site - Free Motion and her incredibly easy Pants Tutorial. I couldn't help myself and raced into my closet to find a shirt I didn't want anymore. (That was a relatively painless process, as I hate most of my clothes.)

Almost just like magic my plain 'ol red t-shirt turned into this cutie cozy pants for Kissa*
Go ahead - try it yourself. I am considering turning all my ugly clothes into cute things for the girls so I am forced to buy newer cuter ones.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh glorious sunshine

Can you see it? It is almost blinding it is so beautiful. Today marked the second straight day of sunshine. Here is what you miss when the sun is not out to play... squinting your eyes, fairy dust particles, rummaging in your purse for sunglasses, your shadow, a concrete beginning and an end to the day.

The girls and I spent the weekend following Daddy around Cabela's in Lacy, WA. They were such troopers we even hit two more sporting goods stores before we came back home. We didn't buy a dang thing but just dreamt of all the fun we would have if our trailer was here.
Daddy really wants to camp and I am pretty sure he wouldn't have to try to hard to convince the girls. It was such an inspiring trip we now have a tent set up in the playroom. (Considering it is still below freezing at night - I wouldn't want to camp anywhere else!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My girls are so blessed. Not only do they have grandparents who shower them with attention but they have GREAT-grandparents who are constantly sending love. Yesterday we received the love in the form of a hand-made carousel. The girls were enthralled with it, especially after agreeing to enjoy it "together" (what a concept)!

I often wonder why I feel the need to continually create and I can see the same desire in my girls. But then small packages come filled with someones time, thoughtfulness, and love and I realize that creating is in my blood. From both my grandfathers, my grandmother, and my own parents we all tend to try and create our own designs. Often times succeeding rather nicely :)

But if you think I have it bad, just yesterday I got hollered at for throwing away a plastic container from J. "Why did you throw out that container?? ... I was going to use it for something..."

Where would be with no imagination??

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh Mr. Sun...

This is exactly what I get for always complaining about the sun in AZ - now I would love to see just one little glimpse of it!! It has been a dark week here and I am learning that I must learn to embrace it. Next year I will be so prepared. I will know that this grayness is approaching and I will gear up with great indoor ideas, planned events to exciting things, reserved spots in new classes and events. But for now I am staring weary-eyed out my window, wondering how 10 am feels just like 2pm?

I do know for certain that there is no perfect place but there can be perfect moments and they can happen anywhere. So, I will end this week with hope for the next that there will be a few perfect moments and with a little luck they will be with me basking in the sun!

All our love~

P.S. For the record, J is not admitting this is that bad and today he even said it was only a "thin layer of clouds". Why do I need sun when he is my ray of light??

Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Visit

Portland after Christmas - Lasanga, Cannoli's, OMSI, and bonding with Auntie and Uncle.

Back in Seattle at the Fish Market with Mom and Dad.
Also spent time making a "Fancy Nancy" room (thanks Dad) but will post pictures later.

Took the girls out for New Years ~ Fancy Dresses and all ;)
All our love!

Dear 2009

Thank you for arriving so quickly!! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be feeling the anxiety to clean out all my closets, organize my files, lose 10 pounds, pray more, connect with people, go to the dentist, buy more fruits and vegtables, start a savings plan, be a better mom, take more time for me, give more time to others, work smarter not harder, wake up early, go to bed on time, stop picking at my face, stop picking on my husband, stop yelling at my kids and stop my kids from yelling.

I feel like I have a whole new lease on life - a chance to start over. A chance to once again go over all the things I should be doing but don't. To review every area in my life in detail and MAKE A LIST of all the areas I could improve. 2009 you are the best.

Please don't feel dissapointed though if the list is lost, or possibly shredded. Or if I quickly forget the things you forced me to remember. I heard you friend 2010 is arriving in only 363 days. I am sure he will remind me again.

With love ~ Me