Thursday, January 29, 2009

What to do, when your 2?

You would think I have loads of time on my hands but I always manage to be busy. For some reason this week I have been working loads of hours. Mostly due to 1099 and W-2 time and almost certainly to the demise of my 2 year old. I tried to make it up to her on Tuesday. We dropped Sis off at school and headed for library story time. There were songs and books and lots of squirmy kids but she enjoyed it. She especially loved the fact that she now had something to tell Daddy about her day.

How do I make the day of a 2 year old exciting? Her and I are at the mercy of the days events and they usually revolve around Sister going to school, Sister coming home, grocery store, post office, Daddy coming home, eating and personal hygiene. It is all really uneventful. Her life is following us around in our lives. That can not be good, could it? A day full of go-here, go-there, do this and stop that, put this on and put that away.

"I no baby anymore Momma" she tells me - your right, love. Your right...

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