Thursday, August 29, 2013

So I am tired...

I am going to moan.  Because I can.  Because this is my blog and no one can tell me not to.

The girls got out of school on May 25th.  That was 3 whole months ago. 12 weeks ago.  84 days ago.  That is close to a 1/3rd of a year ago.  So I am tired. 

I need a break.  I am become a nagging ninny.

How many times can you break up a fight?  How many things can you offer for boredom?  How much TV can they watch?  How much guilt can one Mom take? 

I am not exciting anymore.

The summer movies are over.  Swim is over.  We have back-to-school shopped.  Supplies are bought and labeled.  We have read all the books, bowled, roller skated, went down water slides.   We did crafts, we experimented, we hiked, we had family game night, we cooked together. 

I am tired. 

So now for the long Labor Day weekend.  ONE. LAST. HURRAH. 

I can do this. 

I can.

I need to focus on the prize.  The back-to-school picture on Tuesday morning.  The clean, smiling, shiny faces as I send them off to school and walk back home to...silence!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Catch-up

I don't think it is fair to continue on with where we are today if I don't go back and post some pictures of what we did this summer.  It wasn't just all moving and boxes (although I still can't close my eyes and not have dreams about that), no it was much, much, more!!

Carissa finished up her dance season doing a jazz dance to "Material Girl".  She did great this season - perfecting her splits and basic positions. 
Isabelle and Madee were in the show which made it that much more special.  Big sister cheered her on in the audience and I think she really, really enjoyed the show.   

I had my doubts about this, signing up both girls, but I was so surprised.  They both absolutely loved it and did so well.  This is a must-do sport in the Arizona heat if you ask me. 

 For Carissa's first season she did so amazing.  It brought out the little competitive side in her and she learned something about self-improvement. 
Plus she just looked so dang cute with her googles and cap!!

Both girls made it into the Mar-West Regionals and swam their hearts out.

About this time in July we had made the decision to make the move back to the Pacific Northwest but didn't want to miss our Heber Fourth of July with the cousins.  This year we braved it in the Splash Zone - not sure if the kids loved it or hated.  At least we can say we did it!

So that was our summer - It was crazy and busy, and fun and now... I am ready for school to start!