Thursday, August 29, 2013

So I am tired...

I am going to moan.  Because I can.  Because this is my blog and no one can tell me not to.

The girls got out of school on May 25th.  That was 3 whole months ago. 12 weeks ago.  84 days ago.  That is close to a 1/3rd of a year ago.  So I am tired. 

I need a break.  I am become a nagging ninny.

How many times can you break up a fight?  How many things can you offer for boredom?  How much TV can they watch?  How much guilt can one Mom take? 

I am not exciting anymore.

The summer movies are over.  Swim is over.  We have back-to-school shopped.  Supplies are bought and labeled.  We have read all the books, bowled, roller skated, went down water slides.   We did crafts, we experimented, we hiked, we had family game night, we cooked together. 

I am tired. 

So now for the long Labor Day weekend.  ONE. LAST. HURRAH. 

I can do this. 

I can.

I need to focus on the prize.  The back-to-school picture on Tuesday morning.  The clean, smiling, shiny faces as I send them off to school and walk back home to...silence!

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