Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Checking In

Yes! My days have finally slowed down enough to write about absolutely nothing!! So first off - I have a fancy new computer... a laptop with a 17" screen and a built-in keyboard. I feel on top of the world because I could literally go On top of the World to work. Except for the pesky little fact that if I don't remember to plug her in from time to time she turns all black - boo hoo.

Also, I have a new phone that is a Blackberry and now that my head has stopped swirling from all the new technology I hope to be even more faster, more efficient, and more up-to-date then ever before. Watch out people!!!

August is quickly coming upon us. I thought I would feel more connected to the Damp part of the world and more settled. But that does not seem to be the case. Although I do love change I also love change with lots of security and a perfect outcome. Unfortunatly, even after much hard praying, it appears that there is no guarantee that any decision I make about our future can be a for-sure perfect one. And that bugs me... So, we wait and see. Audrey will begin another school year here in the damp part of the country. I am going to work on being settled in the moment. (Man, that is even hard to type.)

My parents are coming in one week. I am so excited to see them and for the girls to visit with them. It is fun to show other people the craziness I see all day. Just this morning Carissa was going number 2 and said her poop felt "spicy".

Is that too much information for a blog?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last week's Staycation

Put four cute cousins and a posh hotel lobby in Portland together and your get instant memories. One of my favorite moments was when Madee pretended she was a mermaid in the elevator and was mad because she wanted to "Swim Out". One of my least favorite moments was being screamed at by a 3-yr old in the middle of downtown Portland to "hold her".

Good thing we found that great Organic Cafe to eat breakfast at. It is important to make kids wait over and hour for their food when they are really hungry... it builds great character.

But nothing can beat a good Seattle side trip to Forks, WA (Home of the book "Twilight"). A pit stop at Lake Crescent for a picnic on the dock was the perfect break. I really don't think I have ever seen anything more pretty.

It was only right that the Daddy's got to leave for a Mariners Ball game if the girls were to get their road trip to Forks. Like any good mothers we had the whole evening planned... crafts for the girls and a little wine for the mommy's. It is great to have visitors and I enjoyed seeing my girls spend time with their cousins. But I have to be selfish here and say that I had a blast with my sister-in-law. Although I have known her for years you just don't get to really bond until you are in car full of kids and hung-over husbands for over 12 hours.
We are so glad you came :)

A Post for Audrey

This Post is long overdue but I have been composing it in my mind for many days. Audrey turned 6 on July 3rd and I have always planned on writing something for my daughters every year. Looking back through my blog I am hoping this will turn into an "electronic journal" of our years and our family journey.

My Sweet Audrey,

What can I say except that I am so incredibly proud of you? The transformation from my little preschool girl into a six-year old has been amazing! The challenges you have faced in this last year have hardly phased you. You are eager to make new friends and experience new things. Sometimes you feel afraid at first but then you just amaze me how you make the most out of the situation.

We all know that you are turning into a little "diva"!! You love to dress up and enjoy being "hi-fashion" at all times. You even offer words of encouragement for people around you who might not be experiencing "hi-fashion" moments. It is great to shop with you and get your opinion :)

Oh - The drama. If you aren't dancing, then your singing, and if you aren't singing, then you sleeping. You love to act and perform and are so good at getting into the role. Here you are performing "It's a Hard Knock Life" at Shine Music Camp. You never broke out of character and I was almost afraid you were going to join an orphanage!! (Middle girl with mis-matched socks) My wish is that your 6th year of life is so full of joy. That you go to sleep every night with a smile on your face and great anticipation for what the world has in store for you in the morning. Don't ever stop singing and dancing!
I Love You ~ Mom

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Before the next round

Just as quickly as I post pictures of our last visitors we are gearing up for the next set. How cool is it that everyone will come and visit us at our new place? So here is the last week in super fast blog mode...

Audrey's Dance Recital - Performed Tap and Ballet Routine and loved every minute of it!

Dinner with Grammy and Grandpa after Recital
Space needle Trip

Day at Deception Pass State Park. Someone constructed a see-saw out of driftwood and we borrowed it for a little ride.

After all of that we have rolled into yet another week. Audrey is at Music Camp through our church and on Friday we are invited to watch her performance. I don't know how that girl remembers all the moves but I have to give it to her, she knows her stuff! Must take after a certain Grandma with the voice and all :) (They say those things skip generations...)
Birthday party for our almost 6 year old tomorrow. When will it end? Hope it never does :)