Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wish on a Penny

We met my Mom last night for ice cream at West Gate and afterwards the girls stopped and played by the fountains. As is customary with any sort of fountain, you must find a penny and make a wish. I dutifully handed them out. Also, as is customary, you can not tell anyone your wish or it won't come true.

Well, I forced Justin to tell me his. He said he just threw it in and made no wish. *sigh*

I have to be honest, It took me a really long time to think of a wish. Why is that? How come as adults we don't wish anymore? Is it because we are too practical? Do we have everything we want?

My wish ended up being for cooler weather. We broke a record this week with temps at 111 degrees. At 7 o'clock at night, while making my wish, it was probably about 102 degrees outside.

This morning when I woke up the news said it is supposed to be raining with a high of 89. Can you believe that? SEE PEOPLE!! Go and shine your penny!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Vacation

A week in Georgia with Cousins - a pay back of sorts for when they visited us here.

I could say we went for the weather (mom, I am sweatin' like a pig!) or for the amazing buildings (I was fascinated by the doors)... This one in Savannah.
You would think then it was for the food. Ohhh Paula Deen's was way fun!!
But no, it was for this... Cousin Love. And sure enough, they did.
They entered each other's worlds. They explored and they played. They made the little ones laugh.
Vacations are oh so good. Especially the ones where the place doesn't really matter. And you can tell for sure, when you come home knowing that you have just grown a little closer, because you had a chance to give a little more, and everything in life is back in focus.