Monday, March 12, 2012

Talents and Praises

I am writing this Monday morning while listening to the girls play Barbies upstairs.  We are officially on Spring Break and I am so happy.  It is nice to have them around just playing with no set schedule or demands on our time.  We ended the school week with the Talent Show. 

Audrey sang with her friend Trinity to Katy Perry's "The One that Got Away".   The song choice had been picked before I had a say and I decided to just sit back and watch this year.  There were quite a few acts before hers that, intresting.  Doubt in my daughters ability started to creep in when she stepped on stage but dang I was so surprised.   She sounded great.  She likes the stage.  She likes microphones.  She is a born performer. 

 I tried to tape it.  Turns out I hit the off button 28 seconds into the act.  So you will have to trust me... she did great!

Justin's Grandparents are in town from Louisiana.  We spent the day at there place and acquired a new toy (another post for another day).   The girls love visiting because they have a room with mirrors along a whole wall.  Oh the possibilties!! 

We were honored guests that evening to a Plumber's Union Event where Justin's Grandfather received a pin for 60 years in the Plumbers Union.  It was quite impressive to think that Justin is doing the same trade that his grandfather was doing 60 years ago.  That is a legacy that should be cherished.

 Justin's Grandparents had 5 children who went on to have 17 kids (give or take) and those kids had (are having) 14 kids and here are just a few celebrating Madee turning 5 at her birthday party.  These kids have no clue the history that comes with them.  The people that made up the lives that brought them into this world.  They are keepers of some great stories and we need make sure we tell them.