Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Me & Mom

I am thinking this little baker will be teaching me a thing or two in a couple years about the kitchen. She measured, stirred, and tasted our creation. This is the best, Mom.

Yummy Peanut Butter Cookies. Made by Me & Mom!

Monday, March 21, 2011

So long Nanna

Girls, I want to tell you that where you come from is not just a big family. But a place where people you don't know, know you. A soft place to land to feel like yourself. To not only learn about history but to realize you are a part of it.
To recognize the similarities and share in the sameness.

You are part of something that started a long time ago with two people. Jack and Sadie and although you will never know them (I can't even say that I really did). You will know of the love they had.

Because that is something that does not die.

I am sure of it.

In Memory Of Santina Veronica Lupo
May 25, 1923 ~ March 6, 2011

Spring Break - Girls Only!

I must admit the thought of 5-day trip to California without Justin made me a little apprehensive. Which made me wonder - what is wrong with me? I realized I had never went anywhere for any length of time without my hubby since I have been married. The idea was foreign to me. Who would carry the luggage, order at the drive-through, or swim with the girls? Then I remembered who I was going with - Grammy...

So off we went...

Our, err, first stop - this retro hotel in Burbank called the Safari Inn. Not entirely planned but it worked out all the same. It turned out I could turn down swimming in the outdoor heated pool and Grammy would fill the shoes of Justin. A sacrifice she made for the team that I will soon not forget!

The real fun began the next day at the American Girl Doll store located at The Grove in L.A. Would you believe we spent more than 3 hours in that store? The dolls got their hair done, outfits were chosen, and Audrey's doll even got her ears pierced. We dined at the Cafe with the dolls at our table and pink lemonade. Oh so special!!

But there was more fun ahead. With a quick location change to Anaheim our next stop was - DISNEYLAND!! The girls learned quickly the meaning of long lines, patience, and the labor laws of California. A true Princess must receive 15 minute breaks for every hour they stand and smile...

The wait was well worth it. We learned Rapunzel had 70 feet of hair and she has never been to Arizona. We told her she should visit.
After the 2.5 hour wait we determined that maybe it wasn't worth it to get a picture and autograph with a princess. That was until we realized Grammy had positioned us right where the princesses would be. We shotgunned through three lines to meet 3 princesses in 30 minutes. Meet Aurora - Hello...
Meet Cinderella... Hi...
We determined that our family members would meet the height requirements to be a princess by the time they were 12. Hello Snow White...
The pressure of the meet and greet almost put me over the edge. But we pressed on. Riding Big Thunder, visiting Minnie's House through the exit (shh!!), talking with Crush, and bumper cars. Audrey was able to experience her first big Roller Coaster with Aunt Sherry (who I think might live in Disneyland part time).

It was an excellent trip. The girls behaved so well. I learned that Audrey loves a good thrill, Carissa is happy if she is next to me, low-flying birds are attracted to my head, and Grammy will do just about anything to meet a princess. My kids are not easily impressed by all the Disney hype but they love Hotels and I can survive a week without Justin.
Thank You for the Trip Grammy!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day at the Museum

My favorite kind of outing is usually spontaneous and adventurous. A random call from Grandma for a trip to the Phoenix Children's Museum fit the bill perfectly!

There hasn't been a Children's Museum I have been too that hasn't just awed me. The Phoenix Museum did not disappoint! Check out this structure. The girls explored the whole thing and had a blast. We left this area thinking it couldn't get any better...
Then we found the "Fort Room". Audrey and Carissa were hiding from me. If it wasn't for one little clue I might have just given up looking for them.
On to the Noodle Forest. This might have been their favorite part. A room full of hanging noodles. I went through it and felt like Nemo's Dad swimming through the jellyfish.
Very Cool!
Thanks Grandma for such a great afternoon!

Posed picture credited to bribe of ice cream only if everyone smiled. *Works every time*