Monday, March 21, 2011

So long Nanna

Girls, I want to tell you that where you come from is not just a big family. But a place where people you don't know, know you. A soft place to land to feel like yourself. To not only learn about history but to realize you are a part of it.
To recognize the similarities and share in the sameness.

You are part of something that started a long time ago with two people. Jack and Sadie and although you will never know them (I can't even say that I really did). You will know of the love they had.

Because that is something that does not die.

I am sure of it.

In Memory Of Santina Veronica Lupo
May 25, 1923 ~ March 6, 2011


Michelle Beaulieu-Hancock said...

Oh Liz I am so sorry for your loss :( may the pain in your heart be filled with happy memories.

Liz said...

Thanks Michelle!