Friday, May 6, 2016

Muffins with Mom

This morning I had the joy of going to "Moms with Muffins" at Carissa's school.  When did my baby get so old?  Mother's Day Weekend is here and for some reason I am crazy nostalgic lately.  I don't know if it is because I have been around some Mom's with new babies or if it is just hitting me that mine just aren't little anymore.  

Whatever it is has got me thinking of how little time I have left with these girls.  They are growing up so dang fast and I am just trying to hold on.  Attempting to teach them about good choices and responsibility is hard when I just want to shelter them and make all their decisions for them.  

It's mornings like this that remind me there is no place else I would rather be. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cycling through Sunday

Felt excited to steal a little excercise in with these monkeys...

We packed up the bikes and headed out on the Burke-Gilman Trail.
Do I not have the best view in the world?  Also, felt very talented taking a picture WHILE riding my bike!

Check out her dismount... Dad was jealous and had to one up her...

Good thing the helmet didn't have to save any heads...

Not a bad way to spend my Sunday!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My baby is 9!

Dear Carissa, 

You were recently described as "most likable" girl to me.  How true that statement is!  You have grown into such a poised, beautiful girl - Inside and Out!   

There are not many things in life you demand - mostly kindness from others, a good book, and a cuddle.  (Although it isn't pretty when you get a little hungry...)

I was so honored to be part of Girls on the Run with you this year.  Can you believe we did a 5K?!?  You were amazing and never gave up - also you were so encouraging to me, which was so sweet!  I will never forget doing this with you.

It's tradition to have a sleepover for your 9th birthday and you were so excited.  We had a little trouble coming up with a plan because you didn't want the typical "spa" sleepover.  We ended doing a "Minute to Win it" Party.  
Tons of games, prizes, and candy made for an awesome night!

Photo booth was a big hit!  Your friends are so awesome too.  You have a special connection with all of them and I think it is because you see people from the inside - their true beauty.   That is a special gift God has given you.  

My hope for this next year is, selfishly, that it goes by really slow.  I just want to take it all.  Like our little hugs in the morning when you come up just under my chin, brushing your hair for you and listening to you read.  Keep talking to me in the car and telling me all that is on your mind.  
I am so proud to be your mom!

~ I Love you ~ 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Absence makes the heart grow founder!

So apparently a little bit of life has been happening since I last posted in OCTOBER!  

I could just call it quits and shutter this whole blog thing...
because, let's face it, my kids aren't small beans anymore.

*Circa 2012*

They take SELFIES on phones before they will ever pose for me. They do their own hair and pick out outfits.  They don't need to be reminded to brush their teeth (usually).  We can have some pretty cool conversations.  They are interested in things and they are interesting

Everyday isn't really exciting but I feel a culmination of sorts.  I don't think I should stop writing because what is happening now might be some of the most precious moments of all.  Those moments where it all starts to come together.  The pushing and pulling, compromising, learning, exploring, laughing and forgiving. 

My daughters are taking shape into the women they are meant to be.  
Certainly that is worthy of continuing.  
I must blog on...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Falling into Fall

As I type this I am staring out my big picture window at a huge tree that, I swear everytime I look up, has changed colors.   Fall is in full swing.  We have managed to fly through the first two months of school and soccer season.  
 Audrey {#85} played most of the season at Mid-field.  She ran more this year then the past 3 years combined being on the big field and playing 11 on 11. 

After convincing Carissa to give Soccer a shot again she lucked out on getting on an amazing team.  The girls were so wonderful and the coaches were great. 
So proud of how well my daughters embraced being on a team!!
Between soccer and school we managed to squeeze in a trip to Portland for the twins 3rd birthday.  You can't have a bad day at a Pumpkin Patch and it was even better with family.


 Such a beautiful family!!
Since that was the beginning of October we couldn't let the whole month pass without just one more trip to a farm.  Carissa and I went to The Farm in Snohomish with her class and had such a good time so we took the rest of the clan back and explored.

Oh, the knee brace... post for another day...
Girls attempting to ride 4 wheel bikes in the mud...  glad Dad is willing to do the pushing.

It wasn't hard for Audrey to pose for this picture.  I think being 11 is a license to be Grumpy/moody/cranky at least 1 time a day.

They still are goof balls around each other.
My prayer - under this glorious blue sky - is that never changes.  I hope they always stay close and are most kind to each.  That they love each other MORE then they want to at times. 

 Now off I go to sip my Pumpkin Spice Latte - this is the life :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014



Don't be late.  

Third and Sixth Grade.  

Love Oregon Coast the Most

My brother is so amazingly blessed!  He has this beautiful red-headed daughter... (with a beautiful red-headed wife)
these two crazy little look-a-likes...and he lives on the OREGON COAST.
 Some people are the luckiest.  Guess I am one of them though because we got to go and visit and share in his blessings.  Grampa Bruno, Grandpa and Grandma came all the way from Arizona and we hung out all weekend. 

Saw a whale right around here in Depoe Bay.  Definitely a recommended go-to spot!
We took Aida both nights and she was just the sweetest little pumpkin.   We all just loved having her hang with us!
 Since it was the last weekend before school starts we decided to take Highway 101 all the way up the coast.   Our first stop.. Pacific City. 

I could have stopped here and maybe never left.

 Tillamook Cheese Factory was one stop. Super crowded but there is something about factories that is so fascinating to me!!  Then we saw some Paddle Boats in Seaside and had to pull over to climb in.  Not as easy as it looks - but we paddled our hearts out.   

 The whole trip took about 10 hours. 5 hours over the normal time.  But we bonded and made memories and that is what matters, right?

It has been a year since our move from Arizona.  I can't convey how happy I am that we made the move.  There has been no moment ever of regret.  Sometimes you just got to jump in and go for it!!

P.S.  Some people are just "too cool" for life vests.  But I wasn't going to chance it.  Willing to be the lame adult on the river in a life vest.