Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Highs and Lows

It has been a month of Highs and Lows for Carissa.  She started off the New Year with such a good story.
Dad took her to Payson for an overnight trip to get the trailer.  While staying the night in a hotel she pulled out her OWN front tooth.   Apparently it was a bleeder and she was super brave.  It left quite a hole to prove it too! 
She also made amazing strides in January because she wore JEANS for the FIRST time.  She told me it was time to start wearing Jeans because she was getting into the harder part of life.
Jeans =Hard
Yoga Pants = Soft
I can see the reasoning...
But then the FLU hit for 5 days.  She was boiling hot and miserable.  I felt so bad for my sweet girl.  She is the best patient though, never demanding and just requires some head rubbing.  It was the worst.

The month ended on a High note when she was chosen for Student of the Month.  It was so great to watch her get ready in the morning.  She could barely eat because she was so anxious.  I love that she had such a special day. 

Sadly, I am writing as she is laying next to meet.  Yet again she has caught another virus and has been battling aches, pains, and a fever  since Sunday.  We are hoping today is the last of it.  Next year Flu shots?