Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I spend just a "little" of my time with my mouth wide open drooling over some great blogs. I don't know how these people find the time but I love every minute I can absorb some of their great talent. Here are a few of my blog world inspirations that I hope to soon be able to put to good use in my new home (YIPEE!).

These are just in addition to the blogs on my side bar. Once I start clicking around I get lost in the land of crafting, decorating, mommies, and dreams. Not a bad place to be.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Major progress was made in our lives this weekend... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!
We have decided to stay in Arizona. We have decided to finally settle down. We have decided that enough is enough. Dreams are good but reality is now and that is where we need to be.
It feels good to be moving on :)

And a plus, finally completed baby blanket for my new cousin Charlotte. I figure if she can wait 32 years to get here then I can be a few weeks late sending her present.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

To the Zoo

Today was the 1st grade field trip to the Phoenix Zoo. I am just going to come out and be totally honest here...

Not sure I really care for the zoo. There I said it. Loved that I got to spend the day with the girls. Loved the aluminum picnic table and the sack lunch. Love the MAP. Loved the trees and hiking up and down the hills just to see what was around the next bend. But the animals... not so much.

To redeem myself though I must tell you about the new additions to our family. Meet "Mario" (Audge's blue crown fish Betta) and "Golden Days" (Kissa's Betta). They are most fascinating creatures. They watch me clean the kitchen and sometimes we "chat".

Golden Days even made a "bubble nest" which, according to www.bettatalk.com, means he is happy, healthily and h**ny. Go figure?
I apologize for the picture. They don't pose well...


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am one of those bloggers

My heart is still beating. I am just one of those bloggers that stopped telling.

Because it is getting too hard. We are preoccupied with home searching and decision-making. We are overwhelmed.
We celebrated Easter. Here. I thought we would be there by now. (Not really sure where there is?) I question everyday why we are not anywhere permanent. I wonder if it is just an obvious analogy to life. You know, nothing is permanent? Am I just being taught that simple lesson? Am I being taught at all? Or am I just caught up in the unfortunate economic times?

I envision the time I will look back on this post. When I am sitting amongst my things. When my mind is at rest. I envision knowing that all along we were just doing our best.

And our best is good enough.