Thursday, April 8, 2010

To the Zoo

Today was the 1st grade field trip to the Phoenix Zoo. I am just going to come out and be totally honest here...

Not sure I really care for the zoo. There I said it. Loved that I got to spend the day with the girls. Loved the aluminum picnic table and the sack lunch. Love the MAP. Loved the trees and hiking up and down the hills just to see what was around the next bend. But the animals... not so much.

To redeem myself though I must tell you about the new additions to our family. Meet "Mario" (Audge's blue crown fish Betta) and "Golden Days" (Kissa's Betta). They are most fascinating creatures. They watch me clean the kitchen and sometimes we "chat".

Golden Days even made a "bubble nest" which, according to, means he is happy, healthily and h**ny. Go figure?
I apologize for the picture. They don't pose well...


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Julie said...

If it makes you feel any better, I don't like the zoo either. I just wish we could get rid of them altogether. Or just have one amazing one with natural habitats that people have to travel to, like Disneyland. Keep doing research etc but close down all the zoos that are just (imo) not necessary.