Thursday, September 4, 2014



Don't be late.  

Third and Sixth Grade.  

Love Oregon Coast the Most

My brother is so amazingly blessed!  He has this beautiful red-headed daughter... (with a beautiful red-headed wife)
these two crazy little look-a-likes...and he lives on the OREGON COAST.
 Some people are the luckiest.  Guess I am one of them though because we got to go and visit and share in his blessings.  Grampa Bruno, Grandpa and Grandma came all the way from Arizona and we hung out all weekend. 

Saw a whale right around here in Depoe Bay.  Definitely a recommended go-to spot!
We took Aida both nights and she was just the sweetest little pumpkin.   We all just loved having her hang with us!
 Since it was the last weekend before school starts we decided to take Highway 101 all the way up the coast.   Our first stop.. Pacific City. 

I could have stopped here and maybe never left.

 Tillamook Cheese Factory was one stop. Super crowded but there is something about factories that is so fascinating to me!!  Then we saw some Paddle Boats in Seaside and had to pull over to climb in.  Not as easy as it looks - but we paddled our hearts out.   

 The whole trip took about 10 hours. 5 hours over the normal time.  But we bonded and made memories and that is what matters, right?

It has been a year since our move from Arizona.  I can't convey how happy I am that we made the move.  There has been no moment ever of regret.  Sometimes you just got to jump in and go for it!!

P.S.  Some people are just "too cool" for life vests.  But I wasn't going to chance it.  Willing to be the lame adult on the river in a life vest. 

Viva Las Vegas

When I think of Vegas, I think of this very Handsome Man...alone!
But this trip was to celebrate Jarett and Kris's 10 year Anniversary and we brought the whole crew.  They LOVED every minute of it (except for the crowds and waiting in line!)  We all bought cute new dresses and enjoyed getting all pretty. 

The primping didn't stop there.  We celebrated in the President's suite of the MGM Grand Hotel and the girls enjoyed all the mirrors and beatifying themselves.  
 Even Miss Lilly tried to get in on the action with the cousins. 
 These two crazies thought the whole things was for them.  Sparkling Cider, riding elevators, beautiful clothes - all up their DIVA alley. 
 And to be together again?  What could be more perfect?

 FINALLY, I was able to get this man all to myself when the adults went out.  Nothing better then being on his arm.  I would let him lead me anywhere!
 Anywhere is actually where we went.  We walked and walked and walked.  I clocked over 8 miles in one day.  The girls never complained.  I guess there was just too much to see.  
 The last day was a little emotional.  We loved the trip and are so glad we made it.  Even if just for a Madee hug!