Monday, August 20, 2012

If it was much worse...

       I have been swimming after I drop the girls off at school a couple times a week.  The pool was especially dirty the last time I was there.  I was doing laps, back and forth, and I couldn't get my mind to just relax because I was passing a band-aid and some dead bugs every 15 meters.   As I was getting out of the pool another woman was approaching.  I mentioned to her that my lane was kind of buggy.  She just kind of laughed and said she "had been in much worse". 

       That made me think all day.  I like swimming in the morning.  I kinda suck at it and have very little perservance.  I do about 20 minutes and then my I can't find the gumption to go any more.  Would I swim in "much worse"?  Probably not. 

        It has been about 90 degrees by 7:50 when I start swimming.  When it get to 80 will I keep going?  Probably not.

       Every morning there is always a lane open for me to use.  If there was no lane available would I wait?  Probably not.

        So I have been asking myself, what would I do no matter what?  If it is too buggy, or cold, or just not the right exact perfect way?  What would I still do?  And what is it in people that keep them moving forward on something?  Never giving up even if it means knowing it could be "much worse". 

        I want to build my tolerance and stop being such a baby.  My life is easy and lovely.  I want to believe that if it was "much worse" I would still be getting in the water.        

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New School Year

I don't care how much you prepare.  You can get the backpacks ready, pick out the perfect outfit, line up your school supplies and pack a really great lunch but, there is always that little nagging feeling...

Audrey started 4th grade with some great confidence.  She has a really great teacher and this year she will grow by leaps and bounds.  I can just feel it.

Carissa started 1st grade and it will be a breeze.  She is great student and a high achiever. 

So I sent them off.  It is day 3 and I have stuck my personal goals.  Worked out every morning.  Stayed, err tried, to stay focused on work and not too much on how CRAZY quiet my house is. 

I put together these awesome Chore Boards, inspired by the 36th Avenue blog.  I think they came out awesome. I finally was able to use the Dry Erase Vinyl on my silhouette (oh how I love that machine!) Target had little dry erase markers and erasers for $1.  I am such a sucker for mini things.
I added a section for the Chore of the Day because as much as I love and miss my children I can't do EVERYTHING for them!