Monday, November 24, 2008

Beauty in the Backyard

There was so much Beauty in our Backyard today I just had to share...

Thanksgiving Break

We have no school this week so I treated the girls this morning to eggs. I never make eggs and when Audrey requested "Dip Eggs" (which Dad usually cooks), and I produced them, she looked at me and said, "Mom, you are amazing!" Wow, you know, I thought I was but that just confirmed my suspicion!

With lots of time on our hands what is a girl to do but play beauty salon??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Report Card

So my little kinder got her first progress report today. Rather, I should say I received *my* first progress report on my parenting skills today. That is how it felt. She is receiving marks on Personal Growth, Quality of Work, Cooperation, and on and on. The things I have been responsible for training her on for the past 5 years. And not to say that she did bad but to see it all laid out - the judging... ugh! It was agonizing.

But tonight I am harshly reminded of what is so precious in this life. It is not the tuning of your fine motor skills but rather showing someone kindness. Nor is it sounding out each letter as you read but just the time spent reading together. For sure it is genuine interest in each other's lives, not the correct grasp of your pencil. What is so precious in this life is love; the kind we give, the kind we receive, and the kind we remember forever.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We are always wondering how our kids got so wierd. I mean, we know, I KNOW, that it is not from me. Before little C will even get in her bed she must find every animal in a 20 foot radius and place it strategically on her bed. No assistance can be given from anyone else. You know, to make the process faster. Heaven forbid anything at night is rushed!!

Then she leaves just enough space to fit her little munchkin head and snuggles in. Of course, I leave the room and I can hear her rearranging, discussing, singing, and dressing, and undressing all of her furry friends.
Clever me has even attempted to sneak back into the room late at night and clear the bed. Who would want to sleep like that? Appartenly she is headed towared a career path as a night guard. No sooner do I leave the room, most proud of my successful mission, does she jump right up and begin rearranging. It is almost scary, what 2 year old sleeps with one eye open?

Check out this giveaway...

If I could only make quilts like these being given away at Old Red Barn Co. I try and I dream but it never happens. I think the real problem is I am too cheap. I won't invest the money in the awesome fabrics. Instead I buy whatever is on sale and use it all up until I am crafting with nothing but scraps. Anyhow... how cool would it be to win one?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sew Cute

It is perfect sewing weather here in Seattle and that is just about all I want to do. I snagged this idea when my mother-in-law and I were drooling over fabric in the Country Village in Bothell. The dresses and skirt were made from a Mother Gooose & Friends by Moda Jellyroll (2 1/2" strips of fabric).

This is Audrey's skirt - not to much flare, which she wasn't happy about, but I think will look really cute with some brown shoes and tights :)

This dress was so easy to make and I knew it would fit perfectly because I purchased her shirt and attached the skirt to make a dress.
Of course, this is my favorite, by far. It is for my niece Lilly (watch your mail sister). I attached the skirt to a onesie so it should fit just right.

I have lots of fabric left so who knows who might be next!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This time of year I am always trying to think of ways to make the holidays memorable and important to the girls. It probably starts with the Sloppy Joes I have to make on Halloween but our family is huge on tradition. If you are lucky enough to be a part of it here are some that might make you nostalgic :)
  • Kris Kringle
  • Barley Soup
  • Midnight Mass (Great-Grandma's B-day cake)
  • Oranments off Grandma & Grandpa's Branch
  • Breaking Bread
  • Lasagna on Christmas Day and the "kids table"
  • J's Side - the Christmas Program

I am probably missing so many. What will my daughter's remember? I hope whatever it is, the memory brings an instant warmth and feeling of love to their hearts, as it does mine.