Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Report Card

So my little kinder got her first progress report today. Rather, I should say I received *my* first progress report on my parenting skills today. That is how it felt. She is receiving marks on Personal Growth, Quality of Work, Cooperation, and on and on. The things I have been responsible for training her on for the past 5 years. And not to say that she did bad but to see it all laid out - the judging... ugh! It was agonizing.

But tonight I am harshly reminded of what is so precious in this life. It is not the tuning of your fine motor skills but rather showing someone kindness. Nor is it sounding out each letter as you read but just the time spent reading together. For sure it is genuine interest in each other's lives, not the correct grasp of your pencil. What is so precious in this life is love; the kind we give, the kind we receive, and the kind we remember forever.

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lovemygirls said...

Oh how I so wish that the parents of my seniors had the same considerate parents