Thursday, November 13, 2008


We are always wondering how our kids got so wierd. I mean, we know, I KNOW, that it is not from me. Before little C will even get in her bed she must find every animal in a 20 foot radius and place it strategically on her bed. No assistance can be given from anyone else. You know, to make the process faster. Heaven forbid anything at night is rushed!!

Then she leaves just enough space to fit her little munchkin head and snuggles in. Of course, I leave the room and I can hear her rearranging, discussing, singing, and dressing, and undressing all of her furry friends.
Clever me has even attempted to sneak back into the room late at night and clear the bed. Who would want to sleep like that? Appartenly she is headed towared a career path as a night guard. No sooner do I leave the room, most proud of my successful mission, does she jump right up and begin rearranging. It is almost scary, what 2 year old sleeps with one eye open?

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