Friday, August 28, 2009

I wrote an e-book

It has been a wonderful blessing that I get the opportunity to run my own business while working from home. There are times were I feel like I just can't get any luckier. I have some terrific clients that support my crazy schedule and also value my work. School activities and appointments are a cinch to be part of because I can control my schedule.

There are days though I find myself laughing out loud at my situation. The moments I have to hide in a corner to complete an important call or stir the macaroni and cheese while balancing a checkbook. At those moments I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have complete and total silence. To be working and well, just doing that, working. In this dream I am dressed professionally. I am sitting fully on my chair. I have clear and concise thoughts and my there are no barbie clothes in a 2 inch radius from my computer...
Ahh, But in the meantime I am going to forge on in my blissfully, intertwined life. Which Carissa refers to as "handing out papers". If you know anyone who wants to support this crazy scenario please send them to my website. I have recently wrote an e-book. It is a simple guide on getting your business paperwork organized and into your bookkeeping system.
I use this approach on the shoe boxes I receive so I know it works. You might even LOL while reading it...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can you believe it? One Year...

It is strange really. I have been pondering it all week. And now here it is. Our one year anniversary from our move. I wanted to write something poetic about a home is not a house or places and people... but nothing has come to me.

I suppose at this moment I thought I would have more insight, a sharper view on where the best place to reside is. Just spent the last hour reading over a year's worth of blog posts to gain perspective. Here is what I have concluded:

Living in the Damp part of the country has very lovely moments. The seasons are amazing and I still can not believe I witnessed the full revolution of the year (and survived!). But that is just it, we survived. We managed to relocate, thrive, and even enjoy. The wierd part is, it doesn't feel that new anymore. The distinct fresh air smell has become common and I don't stop to breath it in. The pine trees are lovely but I am not lost in there vastness. There isn't adventure around every corner, mostly just grocery stores and everyday people.

It is kind of like when you first fall in love and every moment is amazing. The anticipation of the next event has you consumed and the heart flutters come in waves instead of days. You wonder at that moment, can it get any better? But then time begins to pass and the kiss is great but it is comfortable too, and expected.

Part of me resides in the place where I really want to keep the "new love" feeling alive and the other part of me is practical and needs the "expected - comfortable love", too. Like all things in life, I am constantly learning that it all about balance.

Thank you to my five loyal readers (you know who you are...) Without you reading my very public random thoughts they would be just that... public random thoughts.

So time marches on...

Monday, August 17, 2009

One of those great weekends...

It started out Friday night when I transformed my couch from this:

to this... A few freshly covered pillows... pure bliss.

Saturday morning we headed out after lunch to hike at Twin Falls State Park. It just blows my mind the trails we can do here. I can't decide whether to look up, down, or to the side. There is beauty everywhere. I wish I could spout out what tree we are passing. You know, like being one with Mother Nature. Eating berries along the way ... but no such luck. We opted for goldfish on one of the benches.

An end to a hike seeing this just doesn't get much better. We all slept like logs that night which makes the day even more spectacular. I have more pictures to post - J on a a ladder picking cherries from our backyard. Audrey suggesting Cherry Juice, Cherry Salad, Cherry pie, cherry ice cream... but the computer is being wierd and I am sick of fighting with it.

All our love~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plain Good People

I thought I had the perfect morning planned and I think that is where it went wrong. We were supposed to wake up and head to soccer practice which started at 9am but something happened in the early early morning that caused the girls to begin their day at 6:15. Now you would think that would just increase our chances of leaving the house on time and with perfect percision. But, oddly enough, it had quite the opposite effect.

After tears of braids/no braids, pants or shorts, pink socks or red we managed to make it to our first stop. I thought the day was looking up as Carissa and I headed to Marina Park in Kirkland for a kids concert. Being a little early I took this opportunity to grab a quick cup of jolt (I mean Joe) and she a chocolate milk. Everyone was friendly and the day seemed bright. We proceeded to walk across the busy crosswalk, drinks and lawn blanket in hand, when in the middle of the road I dropped the chocolate milk!!

It was a tragedy but quickly saved by a wonderful man across the road who yelled to us to stay put as he raced into the coffee shop and grabbed us another. He told Carissa it was from his dog Roxy. It warms my heart so that there are still just some Plain Good People out there!!

So thank you Roxy's owner. Now, it is only 3pm here and we are having "quite time". Joy Joy Joy

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Evening

Just enjoying a rainy Monday night here. The girls are all cozy on the love seat coloring away together like they are the best of friends. Hair damp from their bath and smelling so sweet and clean. We are finally in a slow groove here and it feels great. Finished up this baby quilt and bibs for my cousins 2nd baby boy. If you know who it is don't give it away... they haven't received it yet :)

Reflecting on Hebrews 10:25 this week; "Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another - and all the more as you see the Day approaching."
It is so true that meeting together brings the most joy in my life but meeting together to encourage always feels even more rewarding. This year I will not be able to attend MOPS at my church but I am praying God will lead me into another group. If you are a young mommy out there I highly recommend a group like MOPS. It can make your week feel so much more meaningful.
I am off to see if I can fit on that Love Seat too!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome August

The last of our summer visitors have come and gone. I have yet another batch of pictures to post of our good times. During my parents visit to Seattle the city hit an all time record high of 103 degrees. We all were able to experience it together. In a house with no Air Conditioning. Luckily, there are no pictures of that.
But here we are at the Seattle Center. The girls are cooling off in a little fountain.

On the beach at Ocean Shores Audrey stopped dancing around long enough for me to snap this picture.

She is in love with water...

Carissa was in love with her Grandpa. Especially after he dug and dug and dug.

Then Daddy started to dig and dig and dig. He dug a hole so big that Audrey fit right in.

So then, of course, sister had to get in. They had no problem burying her right up to her neck. There was sand in places that don't deserve to see sand. (Carissa even announced later that Audrey "pee'd sand". What? Your family doesn't observe each other at every restroom stop?)
Moving on... and that is just what we did. Nick and Grandpa decided to rent a bicycle for a romantic ride on the beach. This is them riding.
The girls were very amused. They had front row seats of all the action. We did so much more - kayaking, late night dinners, swimming at the hotel. After leaving everyone and driving home I was pleased to see Mt. Rainer (can you?). It reminded me that even though you can't see things all the time, they are still there.
And so now, August begins.