Friday, August 28, 2009

I wrote an e-book

It has been a wonderful blessing that I get the opportunity to run my own business while working from home. There are times were I feel like I just can't get any luckier. I have some terrific clients that support my crazy schedule and also value my work. School activities and appointments are a cinch to be part of because I can control my schedule.

There are days though I find myself laughing out loud at my situation. The moments I have to hide in a corner to complete an important call or stir the macaroni and cheese while balancing a checkbook. At those moments I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have complete and total silence. To be working and well, just doing that, working. In this dream I am dressed professionally. I am sitting fully on my chair. I have clear and concise thoughts and my there are no barbie clothes in a 2 inch radius from my computer...
Ahh, But in the meantime I am going to forge on in my blissfully, intertwined life. Which Carissa refers to as "handing out papers". If you know anyone who wants to support this crazy scenario please send them to my website. I have recently wrote an e-book. It is a simple guide on getting your business paperwork organized and into your bookkeeping system.
I use this approach on the shoe boxes I receive so I know it works. You might even LOL while reading it...

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