Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome August

The last of our summer visitors have come and gone. I have yet another batch of pictures to post of our good times. During my parents visit to Seattle the city hit an all time record high of 103 degrees. We all were able to experience it together. In a house with no Air Conditioning. Luckily, there are no pictures of that.
But here we are at the Seattle Center. The girls are cooling off in a little fountain.

On the beach at Ocean Shores Audrey stopped dancing around long enough for me to snap this picture.

She is in love with water...

Carissa was in love with her Grandpa. Especially after he dug and dug and dug.

Then Daddy started to dig and dig and dig. He dug a hole so big that Audrey fit right in.

So then, of course, sister had to get in. They had no problem burying her right up to her neck. There was sand in places that don't deserve to see sand. (Carissa even announced later that Audrey "pee'd sand". What? Your family doesn't observe each other at every restroom stop?)
Moving on... and that is just what we did. Nick and Grandpa decided to rent a bicycle for a romantic ride on the beach. This is them riding.
The girls were very amused. They had front row seats of all the action. We did so much more - kayaking, late night dinners, swimming at the hotel. After leaving everyone and driving home I was pleased to see Mt. Rainer (can you?). It reminded me that even though you can't see things all the time, they are still there.
And so now, August begins.

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