Monday, August 17, 2009

One of those great weekends...

It started out Friday night when I transformed my couch from this:

to this... A few freshly covered pillows... pure bliss.

Saturday morning we headed out after lunch to hike at Twin Falls State Park. It just blows my mind the trails we can do here. I can't decide whether to look up, down, or to the side. There is beauty everywhere. I wish I could spout out what tree we are passing. You know, like being one with Mother Nature. Eating berries along the way ... but no such luck. We opted for goldfish on one of the benches.

An end to a hike seeing this just doesn't get much better. We all slept like logs that night which makes the day even more spectacular. I have more pictures to post - J on a a ladder picking cherries from our backyard. Audrey suggesting Cherry Juice, Cherry Salad, Cherry pie, cherry ice cream... but the computer is being wierd and I am sick of fighting with it.

All our love~

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