Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can you believe it? One Year...

It is strange really. I have been pondering it all week. And now here it is. Our one year anniversary from our move. I wanted to write something poetic about a home is not a house or places and people... but nothing has come to me.

I suppose at this moment I thought I would have more insight, a sharper view on where the best place to reside is. Just spent the last hour reading over a year's worth of blog posts to gain perspective. Here is what I have concluded:

Living in the Damp part of the country has very lovely moments. The seasons are amazing and I still can not believe I witnessed the full revolution of the year (and survived!). But that is just it, we survived. We managed to relocate, thrive, and even enjoy. The wierd part is, it doesn't feel that new anymore. The distinct fresh air smell has become common and I don't stop to breath it in. The pine trees are lovely but I am not lost in there vastness. There isn't adventure around every corner, mostly just grocery stores and everyday people.

It is kind of like when you first fall in love and every moment is amazing. The anticipation of the next event has you consumed and the heart flutters come in waves instead of days. You wonder at that moment, can it get any better? But then time begins to pass and the kiss is great but it is comfortable too, and expected.

Part of me resides in the place where I really want to keep the "new love" feeling alive and the other part of me is practical and needs the "expected - comfortable love", too. Like all things in life, I am constantly learning that it all about balance.

Thank you to my five loyal readers (you know who you are...) Without you reading my very public random thoughts they would be just that... public random thoughts.

So time marches on...

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lovemygirls said...

And hopefully time brings you home...yes I am selfish!