Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Drive

The tulips in my backyard are nothing!!! After church on Sunday we took a "little" drive, along with every other family from Seattle, to The Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon. The country is so beautiful. From about a mile away this band of red color looks like a mile long painted wall. As you get closer you realize it is acres of tulips.

Everyone was taking pictures amoung the tulips. How could you not? The setting was perfect.
After I dragged everyone through the fields I convinced them all it would be exciting to visit this Quilt Museum in La Conner about 15 minutes away. There were three floors of quilts in this Mansion built in 1891. I probably could have stayed forever.
I was in pure Heaven and I have to admit the day was mostly about me. I orchestrated the whole thing to my liking and I am happy to admit it!! Now it is Monday, and there are clothes to be washed, breakfast dishes already waiting, a package from a client, and an almost 3 year old who apparently needs me...

Friday, April 24, 2009

How did I get so lucky?

The Tulips are here!! They are the first thing I see every morning and they just make me smile out loud... You know the kind of grin that comes out even though there is no one around. Then you feel kind of foolish - but then you smile again because you caught yourself... (I don't make your read this.)

This guy makes me smile too - isn't he so dang cute?Oh yeah, and I will take a couple of snuggles with these girls any day of the week.
So all is nice on the home front. Today marks our 8 month anniversary in Washington and it has felt long but also really short. I can now tell you that it is 57 degrees today and I opened a window... feeling a little toasty in the house. I haven't got lost in over 2 weeks and we have met some great new friends.
We are taking what there is to be had and enjoying what there is to enjoy. Trying to give what we have to give and learn what there is to be learnt (is that word?).
Eight months or 8 years I don't thing I will stop missing everybody ~ so sending hugs :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter was very nice here. The girls looked adorable as you can see. I especially liked this Easter because I have never been so reminded of Jesus' love for me then this year. It is really inspiring to study the life of a man who could love so unconditionally, unfailing, and without selfishness. Raising two girls and being a good wife is the most important part of my life and attempting every day to show my family the kind of love to them that God shows me is a huge challenge.

So this Easter, I am thankful for His peaceful reminders to constantly show love and for the humility I feel when I hear the story of Jesus' death and resurrection every Easter.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zoo, Sun, and Spring Break Fun

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo... Met Uncle & Aunt for a day at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. The girls were so excited to see family. Kissa just loved on Uncle, which was so sweet. He is a pretty cool dude when his nose isn't stuck in the Map. Thank goodness he was there or we never would have saw the place in such an orderly fashion ;)

Have to give an update on the weather of course... it has been gorgeous here - close to 70 degrees and sunny. Justin is hot and getting sunburned...hmmmm
It is Spring Break this week. I planned on having a fun filled exiting week with the girls but it is only Tuesday morning and well, I figured out, I am not that exiting. Not to mention I am with them all the time so how can I possibly make this week better then all the rest... unfortunately they are feeling the same way I think. Dad is coming home to a house full of joy - HA!
All the crafts I had planned for the week were completed by 11:30 am yesturday morning. Here the girls are making signs for our vegtable garden. I was told that we will have more tomatoes then we can handle by September. Which is really kind of funny because our lease is up in August. I guess that is why it is hard to plant roots when you are only someplace temporarily (pun intended)...
With that said I must get back to the girls. They are dressing themselves which means Christmas pajamas for Kissa and an 80's retro ensemble for Audge. Pray for me...