Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zoo, Sun, and Spring Break Fun

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo... Met Uncle & Aunt for a day at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. The girls were so excited to see family. Kissa just loved on Uncle, which was so sweet. He is a pretty cool dude when his nose isn't stuck in the Map. Thank goodness he was there or we never would have saw the place in such an orderly fashion ;)

Have to give an update on the weather of course... it has been gorgeous here - close to 70 degrees and sunny. Justin is hot and getting sunburned...hmmmm
It is Spring Break this week. I planned on having a fun filled exiting week with the girls but it is only Tuesday morning and well, I figured out, I am not that exiting. Not to mention I am with them all the time so how can I possibly make this week better then all the rest... unfortunately they are feeling the same way I think. Dad is coming home to a house full of joy - HA!
All the crafts I had planned for the week were completed by 11:30 am yesturday morning. Here the girls are making signs for our vegtable garden. I was told that we will have more tomatoes then we can handle by September. Which is really kind of funny because our lease is up in August. I guess that is why it is hard to plant roots when you are only someplace temporarily (pun intended)...
With that said I must get back to the girls. They are dressing themselves which means Christmas pajamas for Kissa and an 80's retro ensemble for Audge. Pray for me...

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