Friday, April 24, 2009

How did I get so lucky?

The Tulips are here!! They are the first thing I see every morning and they just make me smile out loud... You know the kind of grin that comes out even though there is no one around. Then you feel kind of foolish - but then you smile again because you caught yourself... (I don't make your read this.)

This guy makes me smile too - isn't he so dang cute?Oh yeah, and I will take a couple of snuggles with these girls any day of the week.
So all is nice on the home front. Today marks our 8 month anniversary in Washington and it has felt long but also really short. I can now tell you that it is 57 degrees today and I opened a window... feeling a little toasty in the house. I haven't got lost in over 2 weeks and we have met some great new friends.
We are taking what there is to be had and enjoying what there is to enjoy. Trying to give what we have to give and learn what there is to be learnt (is that word?).
Eight months or 8 years I don't thing I will stop missing everybody ~ so sending hugs :)

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