Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Drive

The tulips in my backyard are nothing!!! After church on Sunday we took a "little" drive, along with every other family from Seattle, to The Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon. The country is so beautiful. From about a mile away this band of red color looks like a mile long painted wall. As you get closer you realize it is acres of tulips.

Everyone was taking pictures amoung the tulips. How could you not? The setting was perfect.
After I dragged everyone through the fields I convinced them all it would be exciting to visit this Quilt Museum in La Conner about 15 minutes away. There were three floors of quilts in this Mansion built in 1891. I probably could have stayed forever.
I was in pure Heaven and I have to admit the day was mostly about me. I orchestrated the whole thing to my liking and I am happy to admit it!! Now it is Monday, and there are clothes to be washed, breakfast dishes already waiting, a package from a client, and an almost 3 year old who apparently needs me...

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