Monday, April 28, 2014

Don't you dare APRIL!!

I absolutely refuse April to slip by without my posting on this blog!!
So without further Ado... I Begin AGAIN.
Audrey's 4th year in the school talent show.  She just didn't skip a beat.  This year she and her friends sang "I Love the Way You Hold Me" by Jamie Grace.
It's a darling christian song and they felt scandalous because they actually said "Lord, I love the way you hold me" at a public school event.  She usual!

Carissa and her sweet, shy friend decided to do - what everyone else is singing this year - "Do you want to build a snowman.  I made the Anna capes and sent them on their way into the audition room.  It was grueling 6 minutes until they came out and announced they would have to join forces with another group to do the performance...Awkward.
These two beauties didn't think anything of it.  They just joined forces with 3 more girls and one AHHH-mazing stage mom (another girl's) who choreographed the cutest little number.

I made matching shirts and the girls sang there hearts out. 
 Justin filmed it and thank goodness he did because he captured Carissa singing into her microphone that was slowly dropping as she sang.  Rather then touch the microphone and bring it back up, Carissa slowly dropped with it until she was almost kneeling.  The crowd was in hysterics and it was glorious. 
I curse it every year - but Talent Shows are probably here to stay in this family!!