Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hollow Tree

This weekend we went hiking at St. Edwards Park which is about a 1/4 mile from our house. The state is deciding today if this will be one of the parks they choose to close due to budget cuts :( It is so sad because the place is just beautiful.

Little "Twilightish" too, huh?
The girls are becoming such troopers. Audge was adament on carrying her own water bottle and the picnic in her backpack. Kissa made it all the way down with out even being carried - HUGE!!
Another family with 2 little girls showed us this tree - Completely hollowed at the bottom. I wish now I would have taken a picture looking up as well.
I was almost jealous of the girls playing inside with their new friends. They started imagining and making up stories right away.

Hoping to build up there endurance for the summer so we can drag them to lots of places!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cuties in the Car

Never was a fan of the car seat pictures but the girls were just so beautiful I couldn't resist. We are coming home from Audrey's dance class here and the whole family went because it was "watch week". They were excited because we always go home and have pizza on Wednesdays. We were excited because the beer was cold and waiting as well :)

Speaking of watching... I think viewing Twilight three times in one week is a little excessive (thanks NetFlix). I am only admitting it because isn't that the first step for any addict? Also, the sun wasn't shining so it just felt right. The movie looked just like out my window so it was kind of comforting... like I would see one of the Cullen's drive by at any moment.

Anyhow, enough rambling for me. The bread actually turned out ok so maybe there is a future in my domesticity after all. I will probably "get it" when the girls are about 20 and don't care anymore. Sun is out ~ must go enjoy...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Domestic Diva Here

Sometimes I get these rare ideas in my head that I can actually create something delicious in the kitchen. I head to the store early, gather my supplies, and roll up my sleeves. Today, due to the grayness (must I always say it???), I had the urge for some homemade bread. Ha Ha and more Ha. Like I can make bread?

I just don't know why I don't purchase these things. There are wonderful bakeries all around me just begging for my business. I would have probably spent the same amount of money and the result would have been glorious wonderful bread. No - instead I have a sticky lump of something that will never rise. Maybe I will go add some more flour...

(Grrrrr ~ and no, you aren't getting a picture. )

Friday, March 20, 2009


Happy First Day of Spring!! Never has this day mattered to me until I moved to the Northwest. I am so excited for some warmer weather. Mean people that live here have told me that there are only two good months out of the year but then some Nicer people have said it is really good for about a four month stretch. I hope the Mean people aren't right.

Spotted this Bluejay out my window yesturday and I couldn't believe it. I don't think I have every seen such a pretty bird up close. There were two of them and wonderfully distracting :)

We have all been fighting a yucky virus this week so it has been a groggy, rainy, mellow week. My neighbor brought me this beautiful plant for watching her daughter on Tuesday. It was so sweet and thoughtful and brightens my living room.

I finished sewing some fabric squares on plain white dishtowels and made a little bread basket for the kitchen to match. I think these are my favorite colors. It just makes the whole place happier!!
Audge woke up today and decided she wanted to make life-size self portraits. Here she is tracing sis and the picture below is "eggzactly like me". The girl has got a gift :)

All our love~

Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday Morning

This Saturday Jus gave me the gift of sleep. Beautiful peaceful sleep. Somehow he manages to get up with the girls without me even knowing. I am snuggled in bed without a care in the world. My mind slowly starts to wake up on it's own... now that is the amazing part - no one is staring at me, yelling my name, or climbing on top of me. It is really like a small miracle.

From the depths of my sleep I start to realize that I am all alone and I can hear the faint sounds of laughing and conversation. It begins to occur to me that everyone in the house has started the day without me. For a minute I think, "they don't even need me out there"! I continue to dream that maybe I can make it to the bathroom unnoticed... so I slowly turn the knob on my door... M000000000MS UP!!

Ok - well it was beautiful while it lasted!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

For the birds

Audrey made a little treat today for the birds.
And I received the best treat of all - Carissa is taking a nap!! Must go enjoy every quite minute :)
Ingredients: Peanut butter and Oatmeal
Supplies: Yarn, Pine Cone, and Knife

Monday, March 2, 2009

Can't get enough of that water

We are willing spring to arrive around here. I finished my purse this weekend; successfully sewing my first zipper!! It is bursting with spring-i-ness that I feel really silly using it wearing my thick black jacket and scarf. I might have to hold off until the temp reaches above 60 degrees...

Although it is damp here we still just can't get enough of the water around us. This weekend we took a drive to Edmonds which is literally 15 minutes from our house. We can walk right on the beach and listen to the waves. We watched the ferry boat come in from Kingston and wrote our names in the sand.

After walking along the pier Audrey wanted to know who put all that water in the sea? Well, God did, I told her. Oh yeah, she said.

What big faith such little people have!!