Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday Morning

This Saturday Jus gave me the gift of sleep. Beautiful peaceful sleep. Somehow he manages to get up with the girls without me even knowing. I am snuggled in bed without a care in the world. My mind slowly starts to wake up on it's own... now that is the amazing part - no one is staring at me, yelling my name, or climbing on top of me. It is really like a small miracle.

From the depths of my sleep I start to realize that I am all alone and I can hear the faint sounds of laughing and conversation. It begins to occur to me that everyone in the house has started the day without me. For a minute I think, "they don't even need me out there"! I continue to dream that maybe I can make it to the bathroom unnoticed... so I slowly turn the knob on my door... M000000000MS UP!!

Ok - well it was beautiful while it lasted!

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