Monday, May 21, 2012

Total Eclipse

Confession:  Never been much of a Musical Theater person.  I know, so weird right?  Because you can totally picture me belting out a show tune.  Wait - that wasn't me.  It was my daughter who is born to perform.  Who comes alive on the stage whether it's playing a boy from Newsies or a Poodle Skirt wearing girl from Grease. 
 Then we have my sensitive, quiet ballerina.  Dancing this year to "Here Comes the Sun". 
 They both did great and worked hard in there classes.  It was worth every penny I spent...
No really, it was!

 So the recital was Friday night.  On Sunday our family was blessed with a new baby boy Cousin, Landon Jarett.  Of course I never took a picture because I was too busy holding him.  Very much looking forward to a lot more of that!

We invited the Big Sisters over for an Eclipse/Splash Pad party.   They decided to pretend they just had a baby.  They made it look like a very relaxing experience.  These pictures will be priceless and I can't wait to pull them out 20 years from now when they are giving birth.  HA!

Note:  Not really sure what the bandages on the ankles were for?  Maybe to reduce Cankle swelling?

The last Eclipse you could see in Arizona was 18 years ago so I thought this was pretty cool.  I wasn't sure what impressed me more though:
1.  Seeing the lapse of the moon pass over the Sun
2.  My husband coming out of the garage with this welding hood so we wouldn't burn our eyes out.

Sometimes that man just knows exactly how to melt my heart *sigh*

Friday, May 18, 2012

Forging Friendships

Friendships are such a blessing.  Carissa is learning daily how to laugh, play, and talk with some really sweet girls.  She is learning what kind of people push her buttons and how far she can let someone persude her.  She is growing up so fast!!

Next up:  Kindergarten Graduation and 6th Birthday!! OMG

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Girl Time

Spent some much needed Girl Time this weekend with my Mom and the girls.  My little swimmers had so much fun in the pool.  They swam and swam and swam. 

I think the mixture of sun and chlorine made Audrey a little goofy.  But Grandma joined right in. 

 The pool was a little too cold for me (I mean it was only 102 outside...).  So my little sister-dog, Roxie, and I hung out on the sidelines.
 Perfect position to take good pictures and mix up a few of these delicious drinks.  Idea courtesy of one of my favorite blogs, Living Locurto.  Yumm-O!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Carissa has been playing school.  Sometimes I feel bad for her dolls.  She is a very strict teacher!  Here are her rules:

No Hitting

No Pushing

No Kicking

Respect People

Be Treated how you want to be Treated

Pretty simple - yet Bear ends up in the Principal's office almost everyday!! 

The weather is still so great at night for the park. The girls were swinging and I took some pictures of them and cheered them on.  I appeared to be a very involved Mom.  Encouraging and Playful.  Hoping and wishing that would buy me some time. 

Because what I really wanted to do was go find a bench and play Mahjong on my phone.  No such luck.   Dang did I pay the price.  Would you believe this smiley 5 year old (pictured right) cried ALL the way home because I didn't look at her when she was swinging?

...can't blame a girl for trying.