Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Carissa has been playing school.  Sometimes I feel bad for her dolls.  She is a very strict teacher!  Here are her rules:

No Hitting

No Pushing

No Kicking

Respect People

Be Treated how you want to be Treated

Pretty simple - yet Bear ends up in the Principal's office almost everyday!! 

The weather is still so great at night for the park. The girls were swinging and I took some pictures of them and cheered them on.  I appeared to be a very involved Mom.  Encouraging and Playful.  Hoping and wishing that would buy me some time. 

Because what I really wanted to do was go find a bench and play Mahjong on my phone.  No such luck.   Dang did I pay the price.  Would you believe this smiley 5 year old (pictured right) cried ALL the way home because I didn't look at her when she was swinging?

...can't blame a girl for trying.

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