Friday, April 20, 2012


Lately my little 3rd Grader has been feeling..., well, everything! She is feeling pressure. She is feeling anxious. She is feeling frustration. She is feeling guilt. She is feeling uncomfortable. It is as if all at once she is noticing everything about herself and comparing it to everything around her. She is being a typical girl. And. It. Sucks.

So for the record ~

Audrey I think  you are so beautiful.  Your creative talent inspires me and I love to see you just go with it.  Don't be afraid to share your ideas.  They are great ideas!  You never know what might come of them!

Audrey your little sister thinks you are AMAZING!!  She longs for the day she can read like you, swim like you and bike like you.  She needs  you to be kind to her.  Listen to her and include her.  She is your built-in best friend.  

 Audrey you are a great cousin.  All these little faces love you so much and they enjoy spending time with you.   You make them laugh and your smile brightens there day.  You will always have them in your life.  That makes you pretty lucky!!

 Audrey you have a LOT of Aunts and Uncles.  They think about you all the time and think you are pretty great.  They knew you since the day you were born and have seen you growing up.  
 Audrey it is easy to let the little things bring you down.  It happens to everybody.  But you have to trust in God and know that you have so many people that love you and think you are so great.  Just the way you are.  

So don't fall for being a typical girl.   Just be Audrey.  And Smile!!

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