Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Time

Can't say I have been the best steward lately of recording our memories but I can say we have been making quite a few.  There has been a trip to Tucson, the Zoo, seeing cousins, and even a case of Strep Throat thrown in the mix.  But I am not going to stress about not going in order of events because this is the week before Easter. 

Easter to me is a time for reflection. This year we are doing it as a family starting 12 days before Easter with a bible verse and a treat.    

 The girls have been anticipating what is in each Egg everyday and I think we are all learning something.  Mostly about the power of Jesus and the magnitude of his miracles, why some people are born differently, and how no one person is better than another. 

We have been so blessed - I mean just look at ths carrot crop we brought in from our Garden on Sunday!!  Made homemade Carrot cake and it was so yummy! 

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