Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 - YIKES

One of the best New Year's Eve I have ever had. We rang it in with yummy snacks, movies, games, and dancing.  The girls stayed up until midnight and I made it to about 11:48 then woke up at 12:00 for quick kisses. 
 Already this year we have experienced so many firsts.  Audrey's artwork was picked to go to the District level.  She has big plans for next year's submission now that she knows what kind of talent she is up against!
 We took the girls to see a Christian Rock Concert.  I felt very, very old.  I think I was tired by like the second act and contemplating why I didn't wear ear plugs.   I wanted so bad to not feel that way too.  Who doesn't want to always be the "cool" mom?
Carissa was Star of the Week and has been counting down until her turn.  She had to present her poster to the class using the microphone and it was adorable.  She definetly likes to make people laugh and be happy but she doesn't like to have the focus on herself. 

 It is still "winter" here.  Everyday I think I am going to wake up and it will be warm again.  The sun is poking out now and we had a gorgeous day yesterday.  I just have to get into the timing of the seasons.   (It really only started to get chilly in November and it's only January - right?)
 ~Here is a pic of the Edmonds Marina at Sunset.  So pretty!