Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the Move

If you are keeping up with us well then you may want to know that we are on the move again... It has been in the works for over a couple of months and I have to admit I am glad to finally have a DECISION. Although not entirely sold on the fact that it is the right one I know it is one that had to be made.

There is something easy about moving back "home" with all of it's familiarity. Only being gone a little over a year will not make for such a huge adjustment. Which is good, right? Of course, there are the trees that will not be hovering. The chilly mornings and the constant yearning for the warm cup of coffee with not be so strong.

The thing that I must convince myself, other then I HAVE to start packing, is there will be new adventures where ever we go. Something to discover, to learn, to admire. To say that we were even able to have had a taste of this beautiful place is amazing and something I will hold in my heart forever.
I think I will start on books maybe the linen maybe I will get that warm cup of coffee then decide :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School Nurse

The great thing about caller ID is when the phone rings you can begin to worry, laugh, cry, or smile depending on what number is flashing before you. Yesterday the ID bleep with the number to Audrey's school nurse and I immediately started to worry.

She informed me that Audrey felt sick and that I should come and pick her up. So I did and brought her home promptly to a safe and cozy spot on the couch. A TV tray was quickly assembled with a bucket, saltines, and some watered down juice. Her set-up was extremely inviting if I do say so myself and I think it did the trick because miraculously she was healed in a little over an hour.

As the day progressed I began to describe to her times I had a "stomach ache" and was able to see my mom faster than normal. Justin even had a few stories to share as well. Armed with this knowledge she became comfortable in describing that her stomach did hurt but she was also really nervous about reading after recess and how her teacher might call on her even if she doesn't put her hand up (oh that witch!)

So I am sending out a one mom vigil today that my daughter makes it through recess and through reading this afternoon. My simple prayer is that when called on, the answer will be on the tip of her tongue, and she will have the courage to speak it!

Join me will you??

Friday, September 18, 2009

Oak Street Bag

There is nothing better then having a friend who can sew REALLY good and who lets you practice on their new creations. Kristie over at Simply Stylish Designs gave me the opportunity to test out her Oak Street Bag pattern and I have to admit I was a little scared.

First off I have to say I was really impressed with the precision of the instructions and the pattern pieces. It was so well written that even people who don't normally follow directions (hmm...) won't mind staying on track.

The bag calls for two great big pockets that are just the perfect size for cell phone and keys. Sorry about the picture but if you look closely you can see them.

The bag is big but not so big it overpowers the woman carrying it. I would recommend this pattern if you are looking to create something in a long afternoon that gives you instant gratification :)
Allright now. Stop staring and go look at Kristie's site!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Refashioned Shirt into Girl Dress

What can be more satisfying then changing a shirt you never wear into one your child will not take off? Let me tell... not much. (ok, see for me, it doesn't take a whole lot!)

I really wish I would have taken a picture of this shirt before I transformed it. But maybe you remember me wearing it? If so, I am sorry for that. Here is how I did it:

Layed the shirt out flat and cut off the sleeves. Layed one of her sundresses on top. Cut the shape a tad bigger all around to allow for about a 1/2" seam allowance.

Then I sewed up the sides and around the arm holes. I had her try it on and it was showing her chest because of the swoop neck so I inserted a piece of matching fabric across the chest and sewed it in place.

No need to hem the bottom beause it was already part of the shirt. Also, because it was knit fabric the sleeves just rolled up nicely and I didn't even have to hem them.

So now poor Carissa not only gets Audrey's hand-me-downs but she gets mine as well.

Soccer Star

Every Saturday for the next two months we have the joy of watching our shining star on the soccer field. I get double the joy because Daddy is the coach!
Here he is giving a "pep talk" during half time. I am truly surprised they are all focused on him. He was probably describing the snacks they would get after the game...

There is nothing more exciting then watching your kid break out of the pack and get control of the ball. I can see why those parents go crazy sometimes... So here are some action shots.

Audrey getting control of the ball...

Heading straight for the goal...
She shoots... she scores!!
Oh I remember the feeling! The flip-flops your stomach does when the ball comes toward you. The thrill of knowing your legs are working without your arms. How the shin guards stick to your legs after a really sweaty game. Umm..yes, she likes to play. No, I am not making her play to relive my childhood...geesh it is so000 not that way.
Now I have to go. Carissa has the makings for a talented {insert something I am not here} and I have to get started right away.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


If the path is beautiful
Let us not ask where it leads to...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crayon Roll

I have been wanting to make a Crayon Roll for the girls for over a year and yesterday turned out to be the perfect morning. I got the tutorial at Skip to My Lou. There is enough ideas on this site to keep a mom busy for months.

Instead of the ribbon I used an elastic headband which works perfect when I twist it around twice. I opted out of the ric rac trim but embellished the front with an applique and their initial.

One roll takes about 45 minutes with the cutting so it is the perfect morning project :)

Back to School

So long Summer... The girls grew so much this summer and we did so many things. They have taken to sleeping in the same room now and playing very intricate stories of barbies and babies. It is going to seem so weird all day with just sis and I. So... quiet. I need to start participating again and get back into the preschool mode.

This morning Audrey was soooo ready. She could barely eat her breakfast and just wanted to go and meet her teacher. She told me she just couldn't believe she was "in a grade now!"

Ummmm - I can't either.

First Grade here we come.