Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the Move

If you are keeping up with us well then you may want to know that we are on the move again... It has been in the works for over a couple of months and I have to admit I am glad to finally have a DECISION. Although not entirely sold on the fact that it is the right one I know it is one that had to be made.

There is something easy about moving back "home" with all of it's familiarity. Only being gone a little over a year will not make for such a huge adjustment. Which is good, right? Of course, there are the trees that will not be hovering. The chilly mornings and the constant yearning for the warm cup of coffee with not be so strong.

The thing that I must convince myself, other then I HAVE to start packing, is there will be new adventures where ever we go. Something to discover, to learn, to admire. To say that we were even able to have had a taste of this beautiful place is amazing and something I will hold in my heart forever.
I think I will start on books maybe the linen maybe I will get that warm cup of coffee then decide :)

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