Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School Nurse

The great thing about caller ID is when the phone rings you can begin to worry, laugh, cry, or smile depending on what number is flashing before you. Yesterday the ID bleep with the number to Audrey's school nurse and I immediately started to worry.

She informed me that Audrey felt sick and that I should come and pick her up. So I did and brought her home promptly to a safe and cozy spot on the couch. A TV tray was quickly assembled with a bucket, saltines, and some watered down juice. Her set-up was extremely inviting if I do say so myself and I think it did the trick because miraculously she was healed in a little over an hour.

As the day progressed I began to describe to her times I had a "stomach ache" and was able to see my mom faster than normal. Justin even had a few stories to share as well. Armed with this knowledge she became comfortable in describing that her stomach did hurt but she was also really nervous about reading after recess and how her teacher might call on her even if she doesn't put her hand up (oh that witch!)

So I am sending out a one mom vigil today that my daughter makes it through recess and through reading this afternoon. My simple prayer is that when called on, the answer will be on the tip of her tongue, and she will have the courage to speak it!

Join me will you??

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