Monday, March 2, 2009

Can't get enough of that water

We are willing spring to arrive around here. I finished my purse this weekend; successfully sewing my first zipper!! It is bursting with spring-i-ness that I feel really silly using it wearing my thick black jacket and scarf. I might have to hold off until the temp reaches above 60 degrees...

Although it is damp here we still just can't get enough of the water around us. This weekend we took a drive to Edmonds which is literally 15 minutes from our house. We can walk right on the beach and listen to the waves. We watched the ferry boat come in from Kingston and wrote our names in the sand.

After walking along the pier Audrey wanted to know who put all that water in the sea? Well, God did, I told her. Oh yeah, she said.

What big faith such little people have!!

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