Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where we have been...

I can't believe how long this short month has felt. Would you believe that in between the last time I posted we have:

- POTTY TRAINED SIS!!! (No words can describe how strangely easy this was)
- Drove to Prineville, OR to visit G-ma and Aunt and Great G-ma and Great Aunt
- Sorted 48 cases of Girl Scout cookies
- Had numerous play dates
- Went to MOPS
- Had Fruit-Snacks G-ma & G-pa here for the weekend
- Went to the Seattle Aquarium
- Visited more than 4 parks
- Saw lots of sunshine, starting to feel lots of rain

- Started a bible study at church (40Days of Love)

- Made this delicious new Crock Pot Recipe - Cream Cheese Chicken Thing. Looks wierd but it was so good and next time I think I would throw in some sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms.

We have been busy - but it has been great fun. Can't imagine what March will bring!

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