Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A lazy afternoon ~

I wish you could have seen the sunset we saw last night. We discovered a new park not 5 minutes from our house that is right along Lake Washington. When we got there yesterday evening the sky was so clear we could see Mt. Rainer. The girls were excited because the water turned "pinkalicious".

We do live in such a beautiful place but I have to say I miss all my beautiful family and friends. I miss the security of knowing everyone is there and sharing moments together. I am so grateful though the girls are just loving their days and each other.

Today we are enjoying our sunny lazy afternoon. They have managed to turn the whole house into their play land. Dancing through it as if there are no cares in the world...

I can not complain. Check out these items just waiting to be turn into something wonderful. I have a valentine treat planned for the girls (Pink Post Office) and a nifty little purse for myself (Fat Quarter Purse). I will be sure to share the results ~

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