Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plain Good People

I thought I had the perfect morning planned and I think that is where it went wrong. We were supposed to wake up and head to soccer practice which started at 9am but something happened in the early early morning that caused the girls to begin their day at 6:15. Now you would think that would just increase our chances of leaving the house on time and with perfect percision. But, oddly enough, it had quite the opposite effect.

After tears of braids/no braids, pants or shorts, pink socks or red we managed to make it to our first stop. I thought the day was looking up as Carissa and I headed to Marina Park in Kirkland for a kids concert. Being a little early I took this opportunity to grab a quick cup of jolt (I mean Joe) and she a chocolate milk. Everyone was friendly and the day seemed bright. We proceeded to walk across the busy crosswalk, drinks and lawn blanket in hand, when in the middle of the road I dropped the chocolate milk!!

It was a tragedy but quickly saved by a wonderful man across the road who yelled to us to stay put as he raced into the coffee shop and grabbed us another. He told Carissa it was from his dog Roxy. It warms my heart so that there are still just some Plain Good People out there!!

So thank you Roxy's owner. Now, it is only 3pm here and we are having "quite time". Joy Joy Joy

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