Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Checking In

Yes! My days have finally slowed down enough to write about absolutely nothing!! So first off - I have a fancy new computer... a laptop with a 17" screen and a built-in keyboard. I feel on top of the world because I could literally go On top of the World to work. Except for the pesky little fact that if I don't remember to plug her in from time to time she turns all black - boo hoo.

Also, I have a new phone that is a Blackberry and now that my head has stopped swirling from all the new technology I hope to be even more faster, more efficient, and more up-to-date then ever before. Watch out people!!!

August is quickly coming upon us. I thought I would feel more connected to the Damp part of the world and more settled. But that does not seem to be the case. Although I do love change I also love change with lots of security and a perfect outcome. Unfortunatly, even after much hard praying, it appears that there is no guarantee that any decision I make about our future can be a for-sure perfect one. And that bugs me... So, we wait and see. Audrey will begin another school year here in the damp part of the country. I am going to work on being settled in the moment. (Man, that is even hard to type.)

My parents are coming in one week. I am so excited to see them and for the girls to visit with them. It is fun to show other people the craziness I see all day. Just this morning Carissa was going number 2 and said her poop felt "spicy".

Is that too much information for a blog?

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lovemygirls said...

I am not really sure what is appropriate for a blog???? I know things are uncertain right now, but soon it will come clear as to what you need to do for your family. We all have faith that you will make the right decision for your family. Things happen for a reason. Even if you are not meant to stay in Seattle, you had to experience it (AND FORKS) We love you out here and believe you will find the path right for you. LOVE YOU